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A healthy dose of information

At hippl we write health, wellness and lifestyle content.

engaging – accessible – fun

Our expertise includes medical writing, clinical editing, research, graphic and website design.

(What) we do:

  • Design SEO-optimised websites
  • Create content strategies
  • Write health and medical information
  • Produce meaningful newsletters & blogs
  • Edit clinical research publications
  • Consult on digital health projects.
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We are serious about science,
excited about innovation,
earnest about accessibility and
joyful in collaboration.

(Who) we are

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Head of Creativity, and design generalist extraordinaire. Less talk more design.



Head of Information – medical doctor, senior clinical writer, editor and researcher. I speak medicine.


Head of Promotion, entrepreneur, marketing expert, teacher. Communication is my language.



Head of Security, loves a cuddle, master of woofs and always on the lookout for a good stick.

Our (why)

We want people to be well and happy with the help of the right information at the right time.