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Compucruises is the ocean and river bound sister of renowned online South African travel agency Computravel. Boasting highly professional experts with years in the tourism and hospitality industries, this ASATA registered agency can cater to all your cruising and travel requirements. We can book cruises anywhere in the world for clients based in Africa, in particular Southern Africa.

Healthy Gifts

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Health is the greatest gift, so when choosing a gift, why not give a healthy gift that can help your friend or loved one move more, eat well, relax fully, sleep better, laugh loudly, travel widely, read avidly, spoil a pet or donate to charity. Our curated and sustainable healthy gift ideas are Good for People – Good for Pets – Good for Planet.

Bolder Rocks

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Products for women in menopause & perimenopause. We want women to feel comfortable, confident and curious as they transition through perimenopause and menopause. So we find and curate the finest products to support personal comfort, emotional confidence and continued curiosity in the beauty of being older.


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Sustainable architecture and interior design with integrated project delivery. id9 corporation sets the standard for sustainable architecture and project development and delivery.

project happll

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Go online to get outside – sharing health assets and promoting, healthy, happy life. At Project Happll, we love to promote things that will inspire people to be healthy, happy and share what they can. We think that our health is more important than our wealth, so that’s why we are all into health assets and sharing. Health assets are factors within you and your community that support your health and well-being. Health assets can be found within your body, mind, connections, environment and community and help you shift towards improved health.

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Dr Zara Quail

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Dr Zara Quail – MBChB(UCT) Doctor, Medical Writer and Researcher. Personal website and portfolio.


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One day, one pager design from Figma to Webflow. Inspired by cubes, utilising a two column layout.


Our (why)

We want people to be well and happy, so we do good projects for the betterment of all.