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Hi, I’m Zara. I am a medical doctor, senior clinical writer, editor and researcher. I have so enjoyed balancing my clinical work as a registered doctor in South Africa, United Kingdom and Ireland with my clinical editorial career over the last 14 years. I look forward to making health and wellness information more understandable and accessible to the general public and patients.

What I do:

・Papers for peer-reviewed publications

・Clinical decision-support product content and design

・Clinical guidelines, decision pathways and algorithms

・Patient information leaflets and brochures

・Healthcare e-learning content

・Health and wellbeing programme development

・Wellness and lifestyle articles and newsletters

・Healthcare and wellbeing website content.

・Health and social care app and content development

・Digital health clinical safety and risk management.


Zara, naturally has an excellent publication record.

Her recent published papers as are as follows:

Quail Z, Doxford H. Feedback process for online therapeutic activities. The Journal of Dementia Care (UK). 2021;29:4.


Quail Z, Bolton L, Massey K. Digital delivery of non-pharmacological intervention programmes for people living with dementia during the COVID-19 pandemic. BMJ Case Reports CP 2021;14:e242550.


Carter C, Vickers J, Quail Z. UTAS MOOC makes its mark in China. Australian Journal of Dementia Care. 2021;10:2.


Noble C, Medin D, Quail Z, Young C, Carter M. How Does Participation in Formal Education or Learning for Older People Affect Wellbeing and Cognition? A Systematic Literature Review and Meta-Analysis. Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine. 2021;7:2333721420986027.


Quail Z, Carter MM, Wei A, Li X. Management of cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s disease using a non-pharmacological intervention program: A case report. Medicine. 2020;99:21(e20128). 


Bolton L, Quail Z. Meeting psychosocial needs in multicultural groups. The Journal of Dementia Care (UK). 2020;28:3. 


Quail Z, Wei A, Zhang VF, Carter MM. Barriers to dementia diagnosis and care in China. BMJ Case Reports CP 2020;13:e232115.  


Carter M, Quail Z, Bourke A, Young C. A Structured Cognitive Intervention Pathway as a decision-support tool for non-pharmacological interventions within a dementia care service (Innovative practice). Dementia (London, England). 2019:1471301219886243.  


Carter MM, Wei A, Li X. An individualised, non-pharmacological treatment strategy associated with an improvement in neuropsychiatric symptoms in a man with dementia living at home. BMJ Case Reports CP 2019;12:e229048.  (Clinical Editor acknowledgment)


Adams S, Ehrlich R, Ismaili N, Quail Z, Jeebhay M. Occupational Health Challenges Facing the Department of Health: Protecting employees against tuberculosis and caring for former mineworkers with occupational health disease. South Africa Health Review 2012/2013. Available at: or

Products Zara has provided clinical content and editing for include:

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